Long Covid Symptoms

A brief background 

It had started when a 26-year-old female who had recovered fully from a mild covid infection 4 months ago came to meet me. After complete recovery, she started getting back to her pre covid life and that’s when she realized that all was not the same.

Post covid syndrome

These are the residual effects of covid 19 infections. Even though one is tested negative and technically covid free these symptoms either persist or even occur new. So if you or your loved one has had covid this blog is for you…


A mild shortness of breath is noticed during exertional activities like stair climbing, playing with the child or pet, doing things in a hurry, or even brisk walking. She would feel that the breath stops at the upper chest level and would want to pause to take a deep breath.

Persistent irritation of the throat–  A feeling that the throat was getting dry frequently and scratchy. It was more at night when she rested her head on the pillow. 

Reduced appetite – A general lack of hunger drive and a feeling of bloating.

Restless nights- She felt that she was not sleeping deep and was getting up frequently. 

Lethargy and fatigue– Lack of restful sleep made her feel more tired and irritable towards the evening. This had started to impact her personal and professional life.

What did we do


SHORT TERM GOALS (0-12 weeks)

  1. Improve lung functions and overall aerobic capacity.

Posting few movement videos

Bear hug

Swaying tree

Brisk walking for 5 min every 2 hours

  1. Move to strengthen

We started with 15 min strength work. The focus was on the quality of movements and not the quantity.. Form first. I am posting 2 great videos by Dr Kristie Ennis on the same

 Beginner workout.

 Exercises to do everyday

  1. Sleep hygiene

  It’s not always about how much we do it’s also about how much time we give for repair and regeneration. This is where a good sleep routine is required. Sharing my short post on 5 useful tips to sleep like a baby

LONG TERM GOALS(3-12 months)

  1. Regular walks 45-60 min at 60 -70%of the HR maximum
  1. Breath work 3-5 times each hour and do 1 movement at a time. Exhale double of inhale.
  2. Structured strength work as shared above ( reps 15 and 3 sets)
  3. 10 belly breathing before sleep.


Currently she is in month 1 of long term goals and she is able to manage moderate exertion in her day to day activities with ease. Mood and fatigue have improved greatly. Sleep is longer 6-6.5 hours and fairly restful. And the work continues…

In the words of Thomas Edison” The Doctor of the  future will give no medicine but will instruct his patients in care of the human frame,in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease

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