Burning fat with Carnitine

Some days ago my good friend invited me over for a weekend lunch. As we sat down to dig into the appetizing lunch I saw that her plate was strictly fat-free. She confessed that even with a dedicated gym routine her Lipid profile was still high and the belly pooch unrelenting.

Carnitine is a naturally occurring compound that binds to the fatty acid molecules in the blood and flips them over into the cell engine aka mitochondria as a fuel. optimal carnitine levels, optimal fat burning, better waist-hip ratio, and better energy levels.

The good news is that it is available in a lot of foods like

Red meat

Fish like mercury-free salmon and cod.



Avocado and asparagus

Dietary supplementation as L- Carnitine depends on one’s age, health, and training levels.

Epigenetics has always fascinated me because we can positively impact our genes with the right lifestyle choices. Here are some of them

Reduce stress by doing 10-15 Belly breathing rounds 3 times per day.

Improve sleep with a consistent bedtime routine, no blue light, and optimal temperature.

Engage in moderate or vigorous exercise with at least 24 for moderate and 48 hours of rest for vigorous.

Last but not least good hydration with light hay coloured urine always.

The environment inside us mimics the environment outside us

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