Hi, this blog is dedicated to one of the most common conditions of the shoulder “ Frozen shoulder” also called Periarthritis of the shoulder.

What is it?

A condition characterized by pain and stiffness in the shoulder most common in diabetics.

How does it feel?

Nagging pain soon turns into a sharp shooting and intense pain in the shoulder going up to the elbow.

Difficulty in doing movements which involve turning of the arm at the shoulder – combing hair, toweling the back, lifting and turning to wear clothes.

Increased pain at night causing disturbed sleep.

Feeling of fatigue.

Stages it presents and tips to manage


Sharp and intense pain

Sleep disturbance

What to do

Apply ice / hot pack 3-5 min every hour for pain relief.

Belly breathing 3-5 times each hour.

Wall angle- Stand against the wall with feet shoulder-width distance. Slightly pinch the shoulder blades together without pushing the ribs forward. Keeping the arms by the side with palms facing the body, breathe in and slowly turn the thumbs outwards keeping the chest and shoulders relaxed. Repeat 3 to 5 times. Once comfortable in this position raise the arms sideways by 5 cms keeping the elbows straight and repeat the same movement. Increment by 5 cms till your arms touch the ears.


Pain is less but there is more restriction of movement especially rotation.

What to do

Move the joint slowly in pain-free ranges 2-3 times every hour.

Focus on keeping the shoulders down and relaxed during movements.

Start with 30 min of walking which improves the overall pain sensitivity.

Wall angle

Rotation with bent elbows-Be seated comfortably. keep the elbows close to the ribs bent at 90 degrees and maintaining this position and the lower ribs down open the hands outwards keeping the fingers and the wrist in line with the forearm. Once opened to the maximum pain-free point try to bring the hands towards the midline to make a namaskar position.  Repeat 3-5 times every hour.


 The pain is less , range of movement is uptill the shoulder or 90 degrees . Overhead movements are still painfull and require you to twist the body, hike the shoulder or bend sideways.

What to do

Same as above.

Shoulder blade squeeze– Be seated with the neck and shoulders relaxed. Breathe in and gently pinch the shoulder blades together without pushing the ribs in the front. Hold for 2-3 counts breathe out and relax. Repeat 2-3 times every hour.

Standing against the wall and leaning to 1 side with the ribs-Stand against the wall with the lower ribs against it. Drop and relax the shoulders, jaw, and even your belly. Lift the arm up to shoulder level sideways such that the little finger is against the wall and lean towards the same side without moving the hips and the feet. Stop and ease into the position where you feel a pull in the lower back. Repeat as above.

Kneeling on all fours- Be seated with the buttocks on the heels position on the floor or any firm surface. Place the hands forward with palms on the floor and shoulder-width distance. Keep the elbows straight but soft and come to kneeling position such that the palms are directly under the shoulders, knees hip width distance and the shoulders relaxed and down. Breathe in into the belly, pinch the shoulder blades together , out and relax. Repeat as above.

Hope all these techniques help you .. Keep moving as the movement moves you


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