Hips don’t lie

I am super excited to talk about hips today. You guessed it right, I am a great fan of Shakira, and as she rightly sang “Hips don’t lie” they really don’t. Hip joints are the mobile connection between the thigh and the pelvic cage. They balance the movement and orientation of the thigh, knee, ankle, and foot. Decide which part of the foot strikes the ground, how much force it strikes with, and how does it clear the ground. They also give stability to the low back vertebra and the pelvic floor as strong muscles like glutes, flexors, rotators, and adductors cross the hip and move it in specific ways.

Our furniture cage

We love our chairs, furniture, and our desk jobs. All of these do not need us to use the hips to their full range and capacity. After a few years in this captivity, the body cleverly stops using it to its full capacity… If you don’t use it you lose it

Making do with weak hips

For starters, they are called compensations and over time become faulty patterns. 

Knee caps looking at each other( means the hips are rotated inwards ) while squatting or getting up from a chair.

One foot turned out while standing

Leaning forward a lot more while getting up.

Simple Check

 Unsupported Standing on 1 leg– Stand with feet pelvis width distance and parallel to each other. Lift one foot up keeping the hip and knee at 90 degrees. Try to hold this position for 30 sec to 1 min each side without losing balance, taking support, or hiking the hip.

Moving those Hips

Single leg standing – Same as described above. Try to hold for 30 sec each side and repeat 3-5 times every hour.

SIde leg standing– Stand the same as above. Lift 1 leg sideways upward keeping the balance. Repeat and hold as above.

Back leg standing– Stand same as above. Lift 1 leg backward keeping the knee straight and the toes pointed forward. Keep the ribs in line with the pelvis while lifting the leg backward. Hold and repeat as above.

 Knee caps facing forwards always –While getting up or sitting make sure to keep the knee caps facing forwards.

Chair squat- stand facing the back of a sturdy chair. Place your palms on the back of the chair. Keeping the knee caps forward and bend the knee 5-8 cms keeping the weight on the heels. Breathe in as you go down and out as you come up. Repeat as above. Make sure to keep the ribs in line with the hips.

The key to keeping those hips healthy and active is to use them regularly during the day. Make your day’s natural movement rich with getting on the floor if medically possible, walking barefoot, kneeling, and crawling … Signing off for now and hoping that you move those hips more ….

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