Indoor warriors

This blog is all about action items because as rightly said every life-changing journey starts with baby steps.  So here are the baby steps

  1. Open the windows and allow sunlight to stream in. It will allow UVB to come in which is a Vit D synthesis initiator. Bask in this anytime between 7.30 am to 9.30 am for maximum benefits.
  2. Add more Vit b12 to your diet. Vit b12 increases D3 absorption. A bowl of curd, 2 glasses of buttermilk, 2 helpings of greens, a cup of lentil or sprouts should do the trick.
  3. Go furniture-free as much as possible. You will be using more of yourself to hold the position.
  4. Add natural functional squats by getting on the floor more often.

Move more indoors

For every 40 min of chair sitting or any stationary position walk for 5 min barefoot or with minimal footwear. Walking is one of the best weight-bearing activities which helps in bone mineral synthesis. All in a day’s walk isn’t it

Find your balance

These 3 simple words have had a profound impact physically and philosophically in my life. Let us talk about the physiological benefits for now. 

Balancing activities are whole-body movements recruiting more muscles and the larger part of the skeletal system. Larger forces call for better bone density aka stronger bones to withstand them safely. Here are a few balance movements which have helped me greatly

  1. Walk barefoot on as many surfaces as possible. You can try walking on a pebble way, sand, grass, or carpet.
  2. Cushion walk– Put 3-5 cushions on a non-slip surface 5 cm apart. Stand on 1 cushion with feet hip-width distance. Take a step onto the cushion in the front without losing balance. Then you can move back to the starting cushion. Start with 2 cushions at a time and can move up to 3-5 cushions. You can repeat 2-3 times every hour.
  3. Balance on 1 leg– Stand as above on a non-slip stable surface. Lift 1 leg up such that the hip and knee are bent to 90 degrees. Hold this position for 30 sec to 1 min each side and can repeat as above. 
  4. Side leg lift  – Lift one leg sideways 5-6 cms from the midline of the body without tilting or leaning. Hold as above. Repeat as above.
  5. Back leg raise-Stand as above and lift one leg to the back keeping the knee soft and straight. Lift the leg to about 5-8 cms and keep the toes pointed to the floor. Hold and repeat as above.
  6. Vrikshasana
  7. Chair pose in yoga ……… Signing off with FIND YOUR BALANCE. Cheers

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