Taking my thoughts on the elusive and inefficient but defined 6 packs this blog is about how to create a strong and functionally efficient core. ( Not just abs). Cosmetically it will make you look taller, leaner, and smarter. Physiologically it will keep you well-aligned and injury-free.

So let go and breathe

Do the unthinkable relax your abdominals. Allow the flexible abs to stretch out during every breath and gently tuck in by itself with each breath out. Believe me, when you do it mindfully you touch the philosophical Let go… cool, isn’t it?

Align yourself


  This is for those of you who breathe into the chest lifting it up and pull the shoulders back to straighten yourself up. You also have always felt that the low back is curved forwards more than others and at any given point you can easily move your hand across the low back curve. 

Make sure to stack the lower ribs with the pelvis such that they are in the same line. If you feel that you are jutting your ribs forward just breathe in into the belly and breathe out gently tucking it back in. Repeat till comfortable.


Oh, those rock-solid abs do not allow you to straighten out. You will see that you habitually sit on the back pockets and slouch chronically. So open up. Lift the rib cage up with every breath in. Be mindful to not poke the chin.

Movement nuggets

I come to my favorite part of movement prescription. So sharing a few movements have helped me to be aligned and pain-free.

Superman on the pillow

Lie on the chest with 2 pillows approximately 10-15 cms in height under the front of hips such that they are in the same line. Drop the head forward down and keep the arms by the side of the body palms facing you. Keeping the toes pointing forwards and the knee soft and straight lift 1 leg up such that the leg is in the same line as the pillow. Go up and down keeping the upper body and hips relaxed. While lifting up be mindful to not overarch the low back. Repeat 10-15 times.

Flying superman

Same starting position. Lift the 1 arm up keeping the above correctives in mind. Can keep the palm facing down and if you want to add some rotation keep it facing towards you. Repeat as above.

Want to sign off for now wishing you a Trainable, Efficient, and Pain-free body and mind… Cheers

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