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Covid 19 has been difficult for all of us. With the healthcare system already overworked this blog is to help you manage one of the most commonly faced problems at home and also identify when to seek professional help.

How does it feel?

It’s a painful stiffness in the back of the leg below the knee commonly called the calf muscle. You can feel a twitching in the calf or the knee. In severe cases, you will feel that the whole leg is frozen and you are unable to bear weight on that leg. Any position change like sitting to standing, walking, or even turning in the bed can aggravate the pain.

When should you see a Dr?

Pain is unchanged and moderate to severe for more than 3weeks.

Burning sensation in the sole or the leg.

Numbness or tingling in the foot or calf.

Worsening of the pain and reduced mobility due to it.

Visible swelling in one or both feet.

DIY relief techniques

Tennis ball roll-Roll lengthwise with gentle pressure along with the calf bulk for 1-2 min every 90 min.

Hot or cold application -Can do it for 2-3min every 2 hours.

Ankle pumps and circle-Can be done in sitting or lying down. Push the feet down with the heels lifting up, then push the heels down with the toes pointed up. Repeat it 5-8 times every hour. Roll the ankle clockwise and then counterclockwise direction keeping the knee relaxed. Repeat 5 to 8 times every hour.

Toe scrunching and splaying– Curl the toes gently to feel the calf tense be there for 1 or 2 breaths. Now release the toes and spread them out fully as much as possible keeping the heel on the ground and the knee relaxed. Repeat as above.

Stroll with heel-toe pattern -Stand with the feet hip-width distance. Press the heel into the ground. Keep the knee soft. Gently push off with the toes. Walk slowly indoors with this pattern for 2 min every hour.

Hope these suggestions help you to heal faster and be pain-free. Take care

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