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Covid 19 has put us all into mandatory captivity and a new normal. Here are my two cents on this.

New normal

Work from home, online classes, and virtual meetups mean more screen time for work and leisure.

More stooped posture with rounded shoulders, forward head, and poking chin.

More screen time disrupts melatonin production and hence reduces the quality and quantity of sleep.

Chronic fatigue and irritability lead to painful muscle knots or myofascial triggers and tension headaches.

Sustained posture and headaches

The weak upper back affects the neck position. Now the muscles of the head and neck have to work extra hard to keep the head in position ie neutral. This forms myofascial triggers and refers pain and sensitivity to the face particularly temples, behind the eyes, and the neck region. This is a tension band headache that feels like a tight band around the head.

Eyes and headaches

Eyes are constantly in a fixed gaze to the screen. This causes weakness of the eye muscles causing eye strain, myopia, and headaches.

What to do to


After every 45 min of screen time stand near the window and look out as far as you can. Keeping the head in the same position look as close as possible. If you wear glasses do with them. Repeat 3 to 6 times every 45 min.

Eye squeeze-Squeeze shut the eyes and count till 10. Relax and open.

Mindfulness at work– Every hour take a 10-sec break, just scan for any tension in the face, jaw, neck, shoulder, and temples.  If you find any tension just gently close your eyes and breathe as gently as possible focusing more on your exhale. Repeat 2 to 3 times.

Upper back functional

Shoulder blade squeeze– Be seated with the neck and shoulders relaxed. Breathe in and gently pinch the shoulder blades together without pushing the ribs in the front. Hold for 2-3 counts breathe out and relax. Repeat 2-3 times every hour.

Standing against the wall and leaning to 1 side with the ribs

Stand against the wall with the lower ribs against it. Drop and relax the shoulders, jaw and even your belly. Lift the arm up to shoulder level sideways such that the little finger is against the wall and lean towards the same side without moving the hips and the feet. Repeat at above. Stop and ease into the position where you feel a pull in the lower back. Repeat as above.

Hope all of these help you to be pain-free.. Move more….Take care

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