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Vitamin C “Community”

My dad was a government servant and we moved quite a bit during my childhood. We cousins always had a blast during the summer holidays. A few days ago my youngest cousin announced his marriage. As expected all of us got into a flurry of activities. After one such long call, I couldn’t help feeling relaxed, at ease, at peace. I love the role of Epigenetics in being pain-free and healthy.

Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter and hormone. It is lovingly called the Cuddle or love hormone. It strengthens empathy and reduces stress and anxiety. This improves clinical outcomes in treating pain and being pain-free. In this world of virtual vs. real interactions here are a few things that help

Listening to music with loved ones

Petting animals

Aromatherapy especially lavender and vanilla

Sharing a good laugh

Physical relaxation techniques like deep breathing, aerobic or group exercise.

Genes play 4% role in any disease 96% is what we tell the genes to do and how we live.

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