Weight loss: a fine blend of willpower and hormones

An otherwise routine Saturday afternoon turned out quite insightful thanks to my dear friend. We had decided to catch up over coffee. Delicious coffee and delightful company filled me with joy. An otherwise cheerful person she seemed quite worried. She was a fitness freak and super motivated and yet she complained that her energy levels were dipping and waistline increasing. Thinking that these were typical perimenopause symptoms she was dieting and gymming harder to no avail. Seeing her the clinician in me got curious. I ran a blood work. HbA1c was more than 6, Fasting insulin more than 8, LDL and triglycerides elevated, and a waist-hip ratio was more than 1. She was clearly Pre diabetic Aka insulin insulin-resistant.

It is a metabolic condition where the cells downregulate insulin receptors. so there is more insulin in the blood and less in the cells. This signals the brain to store fat in case of starvation. Fat is tucked away and stored in the cells. This fat is not available as a fuel even in high-intensity workouts. So we burn the carbs causing energy slumps and unrelenting waistline. Time for actionable

Focus on form and CAR( Controlled Articular Rotations)

Stroll for 20 -30 min after each meal

Keep the majority of exercises in a Moderate, aerobic zone.

Support liver and pancreatic health with cruciferous veggies, sleep, low glycemic and fiber-rich foods.

Balance cortisol with 2-3 rounds of belly breathing every hour.

Coming back to my friend she has lost a couple of inches and is her old cheerful self again

A healthy gut leads to healthy hormones and a healthy weight.

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