Boosting immunity the movement way

With a curb on outdoor movements, closure of fitness spaces we are now looking differently to fulfill our much-needed exercise quota indoors. Anyone who had been reasonably active and consistent with exercise would know how it feels to not do it for some time. Apart from mood-boosting and better work output I want to talk about one of the most underrated uses of movement Immunity-boosting in this blog… so let’s get moving

Lymphatic system

An intricate system of tubes that remove metabolic wastes, transport fatty acid, and most importantly produce immune cells (such as lymphocytes, monocytes, and antibody-producing cells called plasma cells) aka our natural immunity system primer.

It’s all about the forces

The lymphatic vessels are very delicate and solely depend on gravity and forces around them to push the lymph around. The forces are muscular shortening and lengthening… you guessed it right movements use muscles and working muscles move the lymph.. better lymphatic movements better WBC circulation and better immunity. In short more movement more immunity.

Let’s see how to

A simple barefoot stroll in the house for 5 min every 60 min is a great kick starter.

For the desk junkies out there, invest in a good standing desk.

While standing vary the foot position..stand with the feet shoulder-width distance and the outer border parallel to each other to use those gluts more. You can stand one foot ahead of the other as in a short step. You can change sides every 30 minutes.

Try low sitting as much pain-free- you can sit on 2 cushions then move to 1 and try floor sitting.

On the floor try long sitting ( sit without or minimal back support and stretch the knees in front of you. Toes will point to the ceiling.)

Cross legged sitting ( sukhasasana, Padmasana)

Side-swept sitting

Microbreaks to strength train-Take small regular breaks 2 minutes every 60 min. You can do your own bodyweight moves like ( Wall or incline pushups, Squats, lunges Or even jumping jacks. Start with 5 reps of 2 movements and can add more reps or more movements)

Balance trainer- A  balance pad is a great way to add whole body balance work which uses more of us in a fun way. ( Try standing on it with both feet shoulder-width, feet close, and 1 legged stand. Try to hold the for 1 min each side and can repeat 2-3 times )

Focus on how and what you eat– We are what we eat… Eat wholesome unrefined locally grown foods. Add more whole grains and nuts to your plate. This will make you chew the food more and add more movement to the jaw muscles and strengthen them.

Try to have a meal or a snack sitting on the floor.

 Breathe better and mindfully- Cant emphasize its importance enough. For actionable please refer to my previous and dedicated blog -Breath as an immunity booster….

This blog is a collection of those small changes which have helped me personally .. If you have any great ideas please feel free to reach out and we can add on to this list…. Take care and stay safe

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